Improve fuel economy in your Subaru
Fuel saving tips and tricks in Boise

Subaru makes the most fuel-efficient AWD cars in America, so we know you're already saving at the pump. However, there are maintenance and driving tips that might benefit you and your wallet even more.
See below for ways to save money, and increase the life of your Subaru or other vehicle. Your driving style and level of maintenance all impact the fuel efficiency of your car or truck, and if you're like us, you want to get the most MPG's possible from your vehicle in Boise. Find more information below, and feel free to call us with any questions at (888) 628-3910.

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Maintenance Tips to Improve Your Fuel Economy:

  1. Keep your tires and wheels properly aligned. This reduces drag and can help to increase your MPG's.
  2. Keep your spark plugs updated to maintain max fuel efficiency.
  3. Keep your tires properly inflated - low tires can translate into greater effort for your car, which means more gas consumption.
  4. Keep your air filter clean - by replacing regularly. A clogged filter can add strain to your engine, and it will use more fuel than necessary.
  5. Don't carry extra weight! If you have vehicle add-ons, such as a roof or bike rack, remove it if you only use it occasionally. It increases resistance and decreases your fuel tank.
  6. Keep your oil changed! Clean oil means less effort for your Subaru engine, and it will operate more efficiently. Again, less fuel will be used.
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Driving Tips to Improve Your Fuel Economy:

  1. Drive the speed limit. Some of us don't care for this tip, but it's true. Did you know that your fuel economy drops by 2% for every mile per hour that you drive over 55 MPH? Slowing down can help a ton.
  2. Be a polite driver. Aggressive driving can cost you money! Avoid fast starts and sudden braking, and don't drive like you're on the Autobahn. Some people drive like they're asleep, but they're probably spending less on fuel than, say, a more assertive type of driver.
  3. Keep your windows up. Open windows will increase drag, and can decrease your fuel economy by as much as 10%. That can add up, so keep 'em rolled up if you're trying to save.
  4. Keep your gas cap tightened. You will want to turn it until you hear it click to ensure it's fully tightened. Failing to do this can cost you gas, and it can also set off that 'Check Engine' light on your Subaru dash.
  5. You've heard that 'idle hands...', well, idle engines consume gas. More gas than if you stop/restart your Subaru. If you will be sitting more than a minute, it's a good idea to just turn your vehicle off.

Want to implement some of our maintenance tips for your Subaru? Visit Larry H. Miller Subaru in Boise today to take care of all your maintenance needs, or schedule online. We are an authorized Subaru repair and service center in Boise, and also offer a full line of Subaru Genuine Parts and Accessories. Our Subaru service department can service any Subaru, and can also service all makes and models. Come see us today at 11196 W Fairview Ave. in Boise, or call us at (888) 329-0486.

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