Conventional vs Synthetic Oil Change in Boise

What is the difference between conventional and synthetic oil?
A quick guide to keep your motor running smoothly

We all know the old standby of oil change intervals: every 3 months or every 3,000 miles, whichever came first. But that was then, and this is now, and now the rules have changed. Of course. And when it comes time to change your oil in Boise, you might become a little confused about what is best to put in your car. We'll try to help you out with this simple guide, and if you still have questions, just ask us!

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The updated standard for oil change intervals varies greatly depending on your vehicle and how you drive it. In general, using synthetic oil means you can go much longer between oil changes, even up to 10,000 miles. But, it costs more when getting your oil changed. There are pros and cons to both, so we've gathered some information for you to use when making your oil-change decision. Unless your vehicle requires synthetic oil, in which case, you should definitely go with synthetic.

 Use Conventional Oil: Use Synthetic Oil:
  •  In most older vehicles
  •  In many newer vehicles, as recommended by the manufacturer
  •  When you're on a budget
  •  When you can afford to spend up to 3x more
  •  For average everyday driving
  •  In high performance vehicles
  •  In a brand new car until the motor is broken in
  •  After a brand new motor is broken in, usually about 5k miles
  •  In older high-mile vehicles that are used to conventional oil
  •  For superior lubrication and consistent viscosity
 In some situations, it doesn't make sense to spend the extra money on a synthetic oil change. However, there are also some clear advantages of synthetic oil. Oil changes are less frequent with synthetic, so the extra cost over time may not be much, if any. Environmentally, the jury is still out on whether conventional or synthetic oil is better. Your best bet is to speak with your service advisor, and they will be able to recommend the right choice for you based on the different factors that are unique to your vehicle. At Larry H. Miller Subaru Boise, we want to make sure your vehicle is properly taken care of, and hope you will choose our Express Service for your next oil change in Boise, whether it's the old standby of conventional oil, or the optional synthetic oil. We offer both, with no appointment necessary. Call us with questions, or stop by today!

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