Difference Between AWD and 4WD in Boise, ID
What is Subaru Symmetrical AWD? How is it different than 4WD or 4x4 vehicles?
Subaru AWD information in Boise

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between AWD and 4WD vehicles? We'll explain those differences to you here! The Symmetrical AWD system of a Subaru is unrivaled, and a Subaru is, of course, the perfect car for Idaho. You can check out the differences for yourself, though - we want you to be an informed consumer. When you're ready to buy, or if you have questions, call our Subaru team at (888) 628-3910.
Subaru Symmetrical AWD

  • Subaru Symmetrical AWD provides full-time AWD - power to all wheels at all times.
  • Subaru has spent decades perfecting this system, and has developed the best AWD system on the market.
  • It's called 'symmetrical' because the entire drive system is mounted in a straight, symmetrical line, and the centered distribution of weight keeps the vehicle well balanced.
  • It provides enhanced stability and safety, and also has the ability to shift power between wheels in the event of loss of traction.

4WD and 4x4

  • Most 4WD systems aren't full time and are manually turned on, or activated by a button or dial.
  • 4WD is best used only in lower speed conditions, such as in snow or mud.
  • 4WD is geared more towards off-road type conditions, and is not intended for everyday driving.

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