Ensure your engine lasts longer, gets optimal gas milage and runs smoothly.
Properly inflated and rotated tires means more miles per gallon and less wear and tear.
Every visit a certified technician will go over your vehicle in detail to ensure there aren't any surprises.
Maintain and preserve your vehicle's finish. Help protect your investment.
*Please note that most late model Subaru's require synthetic oil. Most other models qualify for the conventional pricing.

Buying in bulk is nothing new. That's the logic behind a Total Care Auto Prepaid Maintenance Plan; pay for necessary maintenance upfront and save money. Regularly maintained vehicles are safer, more reliable, and can make the difference between you being the person stranded on the side of the road and the person that stops to help them. If you sell your car, you can cancel your remaining plan, or better yet, transfer it to the new owner because a car that comes with prepaid maintenance can sell faster and for more money. When it comes to the maintenance of your vehicle, a dollar of prevention is truly worth a hundred dollars of cure. That's the value of Total Care Auto Prepaid Maintenance. Values of 3 regular prices oil changes before tax: Conventional: $104.85; Synthetic: $209.85; Diesel starting at $269.85.

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