We're Here to Help!
Idaho Credit Express has helped thousands of people to establish or re-establish their credit through the purchase of top quality vehicles. Our friendly team is here to help get you the answers, the financing, and the vehicle you need to build a solid credit future.
The Process is Quick and Easy!

Here are the simple steps:

  1. Application
  2. Credit Reports
  3. Supporting Documents
  4. Loan Officer
  5. Vehicle
  6. Approval
  7. Paperwork
  8. Verification

Our goal is to make this your simplest and best car buying experience ever!

The Application
    We will help you with the application process. We will review your application to ensure it is completed in full and totally accurate. We will verify current and previous income/employment and residency and review your payment history. Some documents we will need are:

  • Copies of recent paystubs
  • Copy of W-2 Forms
  • Lease, Mortgage or Rental Agreement
  • Driver's License
  • Full Insurance Coverage

Basic Requirements:

  •     Monthly income of at least $2,000 gross
  •     18 Years of Age or Older
  •     Currently reside in United States or Canada
  •     Current legal United States or Canada citizen or legal resident
  •     Full time employment or guaranteed fixed income

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