Larry H. Miller Subaru is excited to bring you our new SEARCH, CLICK, SAVE program.

It's as simple as it sounds:
SEARCH through our New and Pre-Owned inventory to find the perfect vehicle for you and your unique driving needs. You can search by payment, color, make, model and even package.

CLICK on the vehicle you want. See the vehicle details, specifics and options.

SAVE money and time on your next vehicle purchase. At Larry H. Miller Subaru we are using industry leading pricing software to shop the car market. We shop every make and model within 400 miles and price our vehicles at the best prices in the region.
Save Time - Gone are the days of sitting in a car dealership all day. With our digital retailing tools you can do nearly everything from wherever you're most comfortable. Once you've CLICKed the vehicle you want. Look for the digital retailing tools in the top right corner of your browser screen or on the right hand side of the vehicle above its pricing. Clickto start the process.

From here you can:

  1. Personalize your payments to your exact credit score and down payment.
  2. Value your trade, if needed.
  3. Apply for credit and secure a loan.
  4. Reserve the car for up to 48 hours to test drive, sign up and drive home.